Our Mission

Welcome to Brummell

Brummell is a premium subscription sock service for men who value their time, understand that loud socks don't add personality or style, and as a lifestyle choice, love the feeling of fresh socks.

We believe a man should make a first impression with his wit and intellect and a fashion statement with a tailored suit, a classic timepiece, or even a grey hoodie - anything but socks.

It is our mission to provide you with:

  • Convenience & Flexibility | Identical socks delivered to your door at intervals & quantities of your choosing
  • Value & Comfort | Premium quality at a significant discount
  • Relief | No more matching, pairing, or color-coordinating
  • Freedom | One less irrelevant decision to make every morning
  • Lifestyle | The feeling and comfort of fresh socks

Brummell is an homage to the founding father of modern fashion, Beau Brummell, who rejected the idea of visible tights in 18th century London, choosing instead to allow his rich personality and meaningful fashion choices speak for him. 

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